Include Function Name

What exactly is this setting, under ‘Shared’ (Build Settings)? I currently have it set to ‘off’, but am still able to search plain-text under a HEX editor using my compiled app and see my Functions in plain English (and not JUST the function name, but the parameters and their types also). From a security standpoint, I find this a bit disheartening.

I think it’s for Windows so you have stack traces there with method names.
On Mac / Linux, they should be there anyway.

If IncludeFunctionNames is False, then the RuntimeException.Stack will always be empty in a built app. Debug builds always include the function names. I don’t know if this is platform-specific, the docs don’t mention that and Xojo has it under the shared build settings so I’m going to assume it’s for all platforms.

I suspect your seeing Introspection meta data which we can’t strip