Include files with Xojo web build

What is the easiest and best way to include HTML documents and the files/folders for those HTML documents with Xojo Web Edition? Please bear in mind that I am using the free version of Xojo, if that limits the way I put files in the build.


you can simply point to external URLs which your web server delivers.

Use a Build Automation Copy Files step. Add the step after the build icon (the little gear icon) and then drag the files you want to copy into the window. In the Inspector, you can define where the files will end up in relation to your app.

Thanks and sorry I do not know how this is done. I will have to try Christian’s suggestion for now.

User Guide Book 3: Framework, Chapter 9: Building Your Applications, Section 2: Build Automation.

Thanks, I have hosted it externally now anyway. :slight_smile: