Include #DebugBuild in compiled for testing

Is there a way to make #DebugBuild true for a compilation
that I want to use for testing?

I would not release this to public just for my own testing.

If not I have to remove the #DebugBuild in many places
then put it back later.

Just wondering if there is an artificial way to make it true
at compile time.

Something like this?

Const IncludeDebug = True #If Debugbuild Or IncludeDebug Then

FYI, if you follow Andrew’s suggestion and make a constant in a Module somewhere, you could then make a build step that controls the value of that constant based on whether it’s a debug run or not.

Create a constant that is true for example
DebugBuildTrue = True (project global)

Search for DebugBuild and replace all with DebugBuildTrue