Include a window only in 32-bit build?

It’s possible to set specific modules to only be included in 32/64 bit builds via the properties pane. Is there something similar for specific windows? Can’t find it, and can’t add windows to modules.

in the inspector click the gear icon and you will see there is a setting for 32 / 64 bit

A Window does not have the 32/64 bit flags that Modules and Classes offer.
And you are correct, you can’t add a Window to a Module - this is known and expected.

You will find ContainerControls behave the same.

windows are special in that regard

modules you can exclude this way

however IF you want a window stripped from a 32 bit build and you make sure you

  • in 32 bit code never have a local variable / property that is defined to be that type
  • in 32 bit code never use NEW
  • in 32 bit code turn OFF implicit instance
    then the compiler will find that the window is NEVER used and will strip that item from the built application

Thanks Norman that’s a good workaround for now I’ll try it out.