Include a Sub Project / Module

Hi there,
I’m relatively new to Xojo, and I simply can’t find how to include a ‘Sub Module’ in a project. I have some functions that needs to be used in more projects (different platforms), and I would like to make an external project/module that I can include in all projects, and the just update the Source Code in ONE module.

Then at ‘Compile’ Xojo picks up the modifications in all projects. Can you direct me how this is done.

You can contextual click the module & make it external (I choose XML format) which will save it somewhere. To include the module in other projects you will create a link to the external item. On Windows I select the external item in explorer and then Control + Shift Click the item and drag it into the new project in the IDE which creates the link.

Hi Wayne,
Sounds like the method for me. I’ll give it a shot. Thanx a lot :slight_smile:

More information about Code Sharing: