InApp Purchases

What code do I need to offer an InApp Purchase upgrade? How do I communicate this with Appstore, to gain the payment? Is there a plug-in from Apple or is it a call to something? I can’t find any information on the Apple Develop site as to HOW TO DO THIS?

Did you do StoreKit things before?

You would allow people to buy an item and on success, you set a flag in your app, that something is unlocked.

In MBS Xojo Plugins we have StoreKitMBS class and related.

Thank you Christian, I will read about MBS. BUT, surely Apple provide code, or a link, to make an InApp Purchase. There are millions of Apps that do this, and unless they ALL use MBS[?] there must be ‘an Apple way’ to do this?
anyone out there done an InApp purchase in a MAC App?

What you are looking for is called “StoreKit” (StoreKit Overview - Apple Developer) and Apple provides code to use in Xcode.
Christians MBS plugin wraps this code in a plugin that can be used in Xojo.


Millions of Apps are not made under Xojo :relaxed:

Yes, so there must be an Apple way to offer InApp purchases. Do you know of this Sebastien? I just need help to make this happen.

For an app made under Xojo I thing MBS is the best option. Of course, if @Christian_Schmitz did it you can do it by yourself.

Why reinvent the wheel? Compare the cost of the plugin against your investment time. Developing with XCode is free but time-consuming and tedious to achieve and maintain. Xojo is more expensive but provides better stability over time. It’s a personal choice and a business model that you have to choose. The portability of Xojo applications to Windows and Linux is also to be taken into account.

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