In search of: owner of 4k retina screen 1920 x 1080 resolution

Can any kind person with a new mac with 4k retina screen 1920 x 1080 resolution , who can spare 10 minutes to test something, get in touch with me?
I have a problem I cannot recreate, from one customer only, and I cant afford to buy one of these to test it… :slight_smile:

they have a 4k mac with it set that low ?

Apparently so.
Is that low for a 4K machine? Maybe it’s set to scale the display?

I’d be suspecting 10.11.1 except that I have over 80 customers using that and only one with a reported issue.

thats less than 1/2 its normal of 4096x2304
now they did sell an older non-retina one that had 1920x1080 as its native resolution

Apple’s page lists the 21.5 inch non-retina at 1920x1080 and the 21.5 4K retina at 4096x2304. Even at points rather than pixels, the 4K would be 2048x1152 ?

So far ‘thats what she tells me’ , so I have asked for a specific model number.

Ok. The results are in and its now a 4096 - 2304 screen.
Anyone who can help?
Best I can get on my retina MB is about a quarter of that area.

Jeff, I don’t have one of those machines, but what’s the problem, maybe we can help?