In case you want to know what the internet is...

I go on Youtube safari a lot: finding a video of a topic I like, then click on the related videos on the right.

Somehow I came across this video. It was made in 1994, explaining that about 20 million people are using the internet.
Somehow I have this gut feeling, that the internet is going to be a big thing, someday :wink:

Man, do I love those old videos! It makes you realize how fast technology is changing. I recently found some old computer magazines, from the early 80’s, with some articles on large-capacity hard drives with the astronomical capacity of a stunning 20 MB.

I had one of those on my PC XT clone. The hard drive was huge and would hold far more than I needed at the time. There was however the issue that I had to low-level format the drive from time to time to realign the heads. The utility was SpinRite IIRC. And I remember the joy of tweaking HIMEM.SYS and EMM386 on that computer (edit: or was it the 286 clone I bought a couple of years later?), to cram as many drivers as possible in high memory.

Yeah, we are all nerds, aren’t we? Haha!

I remember when a classmate said his father had a computer with a 80 MB harddrive. I (my dad) only had a 20 MB harddrive. I said something like: “How will your HD ever be out of space?” Haha!

Nowadays you could only store a hand full of pictures or songs on one of those drives.
But really… it was not that long ago…

The camera that is visible in my profile image, here on the left, stores video files on an SxS card. That (SSD) card has a capacity of about 128 GB. SxS is still fairly big. Another camera I work with is the Sony FS7. I usually bring a 256GB or 512GB XQD card. This card is slightly bigger than an SD card. It still blows my mind…

Somewhere in my attic I have a 1947 edition of Radio Amateurs Handbook which has an editorial in it about this newfangled thing called the “transistor”. The editor’s conclusion is that “although the premise of the device is interesting, it has NO FUTURE because it will NEVER REPLACE THE VACUUM TUBE”

Haha!, Brilliant!

But is somehow makes me wonder how people will look at this forum, or any article in general, in the future…

We should start a thread on tech prophecies proven wrong.

Yeah, lets!

@Dana Brown

the drive in my original XT was 10mb.

On the IBM System360/40 I worked on had 2311 drives. The Drive was the size of a washing machine and the actual platters (5 I think) were stacked and about the size of a 33 ? LP album. Had an amazing 7.25 mb and cost no telling how many $k.