In-App Purchase: Non-Renewable Subscription

Has anybody tried and succeeded to implement a non-renewable subscription In-App Purchase?

For example, you have a yearly feature that should expire at the end of the year and you want the customer to actively purchase it again for the new year. My assumption was that you could define the expiry date in the AppStore Connect but that’s not how it works. The expiry date needs to be defined in your code. Does anybody know how to do this?

Thank you!

Just make it a normal consumable item and record in NSUserDefaults when the purchase occurred and prompt them to buy again the following year.

Would I have the possibility to restore a purchase for consumable items? I don’t think so? How could I handle it if the user makes a purchase, uninstalls the app from the device and re-installs it later? I wouldn’t have that information in NSUserDefaults anymore, right?

You would need NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore for that. I’m currently writing a blog post to use it

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