In-app notification handler

I am looking to use an in-app notification handler and have seen Sam Rowlands In-app notification handler and the article in xDev Magazine.

I was wondering if anyone has used this and has any suggestions or recommendations before I start or if any other options have been used that I should look at as well. I am willing to pay for something if it is better or easier etc.

I need the solution to work cross platform on Mac and Windows for the desktop app I am writing.


what is the problem?

Just define your own interface to be implemented by all controls/classes to be notified.

Than to notify, loop over all objects via runtime and check
And optimization may be to keep list of all objects to avoid the runtime.object iteration.

More optimized may be to make different lists based on interested areas like a notification names.

My iOSKit houses a “Notification_Center” module that should allow you to do what you are seeking. That module is pure Xojo code without declares and allows you to pass messages within your app. You’ll be able to copy it from the project into your own without needing anything else in iOSKit, and it should work on desktop out of the box. It’s within the “Modules” folder here:

I should probably separate it into a separate GitHub project. But that’s a task for another day.