importing project items madness

OK madness might seem a bit strong but bear with me.

If I am working with our own libraries (separate external projects) and adding a folder full of project items to another project, Xojo makes it painful.

A) duplicate item - if something I’m adding has the same name as an already-existing item, it gets silently renamed. Arg!

Is there any way to get notification of this code change? This can be VERY dangerous indeed!

B) missing item - if something I’m adding relies upon, say, a control sub-class that I didn’t include, then the control reverts to… the super class? Silently!

This is the same sort of problem. It's possible that it will still compile but the layout changes, the behavior changes and we get NO notification!

Someone please tell me I’m missing something that will let me know when Xojo decides to silently modify my code?