Import Text file into iOS

Is there no simple way to import a text file into an iOS table? My users need to be able to import a simple text file into a iOS database. Problem is getting text files into and out of iOS. I don’t see an easy way for something simple like this.

Activeate Filesharing (its a Plist Entry)
then (well it used to be) via iTunes you could easily load files into the /Documents folder for any app

What I want to do is just let the user pick the text file, I read it, import it into the apps db and then never need the file again. What I am describing is not copying the text file to the Documents directory but simply reading it.

Then later export a new text file out of the db to the user iOS files directory or some place else.

Where would you start?

and where are you planning on importing these files FROM and exporting them TO?

The iOS typically like the Files folder, I could just save them there. It doesn’t have to be fancy in anyway for the import as long as the files are loose and the user can get to them.

I do not plan on doing any ftp, emailing, or thing else with the import or export.

Just need the user to pick the file for importing and the location for saving and go.

I have followed your comments for years, thanks for the response Dave.

If you app has access to that folder, then what is your issue…
I know this File Folder is a new iOS feature, and I haven’t looked into it yet

I guess my question is simpler, how do I get an OpenFolder event to go file the file? I don’t see it in the language reference. Thanks Dave.

Do you mean “OpenFolder event to go open the file?”

Yes, similar to the desktop. From the iOS LR I only see you can point to folders and look for files, but native controls on iOS allow you to hunt for files in default locations on your iPhone and iPad.

I have desktop apps and web apps done, just now getting to iOS and getting ready for a launch.