Import a 2015r1 XML into RS 2012r2.1

Hi all,

yes, this seems a bit crazy (and it is). It comes to mind yesterday and I applied it minutes ago.

I left my usual session and run the brand new I set some weeks ago.

The import ran fine, RS discovers the images (in an images folder…), and complain for two things only:

SQLiteDatabase (to be replaced with its pre-Xojo equivalent)
XojoVersionString (replaced with RBVersion).

Both are obvious changes to do.

That is all.

I do not tested it intensively yet, but at first run (on the other user session), it worked fine.

PS: I used RS 2012r2.1 because… it was the one I had handly (and is probably the last version my Real Studio license permit me to build with).
And it is the last version before Xojo !