Implicit Instance

When I run code in a control on Window1 and it references a control on Window2, Window2 opens. I don’t understand how to stop this by setting Imfplicit Instance to False.

just try window2.visible=false before your reference. Should work

It doesn’t. I am getting a window that I am not even referencing in the code. When I try to block that window the scfreen goes blank when the code reaches that point. I think I am going to try to go back to 2013 r1, everything was working then.

In general, there is little reason to instantiate a window unless you want to show it.

If you have having problems with windows randomly appearing, then it is surely the result of side effects from using implicit instantiation (referring to the window by its name). Turn that off for your windows and then instantiate them as you would any class:

Dim myWindow As New Window2 myWindow.Show

If you don’t want the window to appear when it is instantiated (for some reason), then set its Visible property to False.