Implicit Instance Question

I just read an article in the xDev magazine that I think explains a situation.

I have a window that creates the tables for a SQLite database. I have a couple of instances where I need to create a specific table from another window. If I call the method on the create table that creates the table I want to re-create (since SQLite doesn’t have a TRUNCATE function) I get the create table displayed - Which I don’t want. I just want the method to execute without displaying the window.

From the article, I gather that even if I turn off the implicit instance property, If I instantiate the create window in order to execute the method - it will still display.

So, after a long lead-in, my question is can I execute the method on a window without the window displaying?


why not move the method OFF the window and into a module then have the window call it and this other bit also call it
Then you dont need to create an instance of the window just to execute the method

OR make the method on that window a SHARED method
Again you wont need an instance to execute it

Personally I’d go for the first option

If you’re really lazy and don’t want to change a bunch of code, another option would be to turn Visible off on the first window. That way, even if it instantiates automatically, it won’t show just because you called the method.

However, I would strongly suggest putting the method in a module, as Norman recommends.

Module it is.

thanks guys.