Implicit Instance Off, Yet 2 Windows Still Show

I’m rewriting an older (won’t compile for anything) app and in this new version I’m seeing two main windows launch when I run. Inside the App Open Event Handler I have this:

w = New wndMain

I’ve triple-checked that Implicit Instance is off for the window and doing a search in the project for wndMain shows zero references to it. If I comment out the code in App > Open I only get one window, but I need the reference to the window later.

I’ve been away from Xojo for a while, so what am I missing? Where else should I be looking for what would make the window launch twice? (The App > Open event is only being called once.)

Check App (inspector) - Appearance - DefaultWindow = None

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Argh! So simple! Thank you!!

Yes simple, thank you too.

My problem has the same problem, but a different reason / solution.

My Old Code:

[code]Dim w As New wndMain


My New Code:

[code]Dim w As wndMain

w = wndMain


My default window was set to another window.