Implementing In-App-Purchase


after releasing my first app to the Mac App Store last week, i want to add a Professional Edition as an In-App-Purchase. Has anyone from the xojo forum did this and is willing to share some experience in the handling of an In-App-Purchase from the iTunesConnect- and the Xojo-Side?


MBS has that :

Otherwise, simply search “in app purchase” (with the quotes) in the forum and you will find several threads about that.

Thanks Michel,

found that entries. Sounds that there are several problem regarding in-app-purchase with Xojo. Maybe it’s a lot easier to just publish a second (pro) app?

of course that would be easier, but all the people would end buying both, right?

That would not be good business for users. In App Purchase will allow you to offer an upgrade, which is supposed to be the price of Pro less the price of Normal. I think it probably would sell better.