Implementation of file and folder synchronization

hi all, I need to implement a synchronization solution for files and folders (also containing subfolders) on S.O. windows. Synchronization must be done from “local” to a server (shared folder). We have usually used FreeFileSync, but we would like an “invisible” solution, without ever seeing GUI. I know that scripts can be used (but I should go deeper into that). But I wanted to ask if anyone knows of alternative solutions. thank you

use robocopy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hello. In the meantime, thanks for the answer. I’ve already evaluated robocopy, but it doesn’t seem to work for me, as I understand that it works one way. My scenario presents a server and various machines that will write files locally and, when the connection is available, on that central server. with robocopy, I believe that, when I have files on the server, not present on machine A (because they were created by machine B), I would get the deletion of the files on the server, not the distribution of the files of B on A

I have written SyncTwoFolders for Mac but I didn’t make the modification in order to make it run under windows. (5 of my 11 applications run under windows).
SyncTwoFolders has a schedule and a Timer function (it launch sync every x minutes). If you want you can try it on Mac and I may have a look to what modifications I have to do for run under windows. I don’t say that to sell it to you, the 6 € won’t cover the time I will spend to make it runs under windows.
I know FreeFileSync but its name only. I don’t know what it does more or less than me.

Edit : if you test it and are fed up with remind donation window (which appears after 2 or 3 days), just send me an email from the about window and I will send you a serial.