Imagewell 'resizing' pictures

I have an imagewell in which I want to present a number of pictures.
I have a problem with the size of the pictures as they are displayed in the imagewell of 230 270. The pictures themselves are 200240 pixels. If you load them in editing mode they display as 200*240 (with a border of 15). If you then RUN the app, the picture turns out to display very small maybe around 25 pixels. I resized the picture externally to the double size but in the run mode the picture was resized to the same 25 pixels again. This seems extremely odd. It occurs with pictures in PNG and JPG format. Help!

never write g.drawpicture mypicture,0,0 in your code
but always the full format
g.drawpicture mypicture,0,0, g.width,g.height,0,0,mypicture.width, mypicture.height
then you have no problem with the size