Imagewell Help

Hello, I am new to Xojo - did a smattering of RealBasic many years ago. I am using the Windows IDE and am having some trouble with basic coding with the imagewell - I am such a noob lol. I have went through the documentation and have hit some of the forum questions already and I just can’t quite figure it out.

I have made a form with 4 imagewells on it. I preload 3 of them with a low resolution picture (using the inspector, i used the browse button and picked a file off my harddrive - it then stays in the list for future imagewells). Is this what people mean by “adding a picture to the project editor”? Once i add a jpg image to my imagewell control using browse is that picture somehow embedded in my project and i can reference it by name -if so how to i do that - i noticed the imagewell list that gets built drops the file extension and just uses the rest of the filename.

My purpose is when a user clicks on one of the 3 imagewells then the 4th imagewell (physically larger on screen) gets loaded a higher resolution picture from my hard drive. I just cant seem to make the code work. The nicest solution would be to embed all the images i plan to use inside the project (and hence the .exe file i build) so i dont have to do any hard drive work and mess with pathnames etc). I just am not sure how to add them to the project and then how to reference them with the imagewell control…

Thanks for any help!

Browsing for the picture adds it to your project where you should see it in the Navigator as part of an “Image Set”. To use this in your project, such as with an ImageWell, you just refer to them by the name in the project. For example, when you click the Image property for an ImageWell, you’ll get a drop-down list of all the images that are in the project from which you can choose.

You can also just drag pictures directly into the Navigator or use the File->Import menu to add them to the project.

You can add as many pictures/images to your project as you want. They are included in the Resources folder alongside your built app.

More information on Image Sets:

thank you very much Paul