Imageviews not showing the right picture

I have three WebImageViewers and they are set to show three different pictures. The png files are inside the project.

When running this simple test, I never get the right picture in the right WebImageViewer

The pictures are PNG, 256x256 pixels… and named:

If that’s really happening, make a simple test program and submit a Feedback report. 3 pictures, 3 image views, 1 web page. That should expose the problem. I haven’t seen this and I work with these things a lot, so I suspect there might be something deeper going on in your project. Let us know how the simple test project turns out.

Looks like it is related to Safari on Mac. Goggle Chrome is fine. Maybe my Safari is a beta… v 6.1 (8537.48.2)

Tested with the nightly build of WebKit browser and here it works… Now apple just have to update safari then…