I’ve just been testing the above event with a new iPhoneSE and iOS15.4.1 - it no longer fires when taking a new photo.

On previous iPhones 6S (iOS 12.5) and 6SPlus (iOS 15.4.1) it fires every time. It also fires with an iPad 6th generation and iPadOS 15.4.

I don’t have a large collection of iPhones to test this on - but it would imply it is an iPhone issue rather than iOS - or perhaps I’ve missed an iPhone settings somewhere. Is anyone else able to confirm this?

@Christian_Schmitz Does ImageCaptureEventsMBS need updating?

I don’t expect the class to need an update.
But I expect it’s more a configuration thing with the new iPhone.

We may try it next week…

I’ve just got around to testing this again. It seems that for all iOS and iPad devices of 15.4 or later the cameraDeviceDidAddItem is not firing. My earlier statement was incorrect.

iPhone SE 15.4.1 - doesn’t fire
iPhone 6 12.5 - fires
iPad 3 15.4 - doesn’t fire
iPhone 6 Plus 15.4.1 - doesn’t fire.

I’ve tried messing around with other iOS settings - usually synching with iCloud messes this stuff up - but can’t get it to work.

Is anyone else able to test with different iOS combinations? I use the demo file in MBS examples viz: /MacFrameworks/Image Capture/Camera Browse.

But note a small error in the Example:

Sub deviceDidEncounterError(device as ICDeviceMBS, error as NSErrorMBS) Handles deviceDidEncounterError
  System.DebugLog CurrentMethodName
  If error <> Nil Then //add this test
    MsgBox error.LocalizedDescription
  End If
End Sub