Image Sets with HiDPI question...

I’ve found (and read) that if you drag a picture to your project with Supports HiDPI OFF, you get a picture as always. If you drag a picture to your project with HiDPI ON, you end up creating an ImageSet with spaces to insert 2X and 3X images for use with Retina displays. My question is this: if you have created an ImageSet, but the 1X image is the only image that you’ve provided, and the picture is called for in a program that supports HiDPI and run on a Retina display…what happens? Does the 1X picture get on-the-fly doubled (just as if it was a regular 1X picture NOT part of an image set)? Or does an “empty” picture (the 2X) image which isn’t there get drawn somehow (resulting in an empty picture!)? (I don’t have a Retina display so hard to check here.) THANKS!

Yes, the 72 dpi picture will be used.

To simulate a Retina Display, I use QuickRes

You may need to do some more, as described at

Thanks Michel. I was hoping that would be the answer. I have a project with a lot of pictures and most all are/were “regular” pics, but once I moved to HiDPI support (not so much for the picture improvements…that will come in time, but to get the Text and UI improvements) the pics I’ve newly added became ImageSets. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be unhappily surprised that Xojo would think I have a 2X image when I don’t, even though I have an ImageSet! And, thanks for the links on how to simulate a Retina display without one…I’ll check 'em out.