Image registration (GIS)


Can anyone help me out and tell me if there is already a control/plugin that will perform image registration for osx desktop. I would like to have a map overlay and plot information on this image/map with landmark using latitude/longitude data, as well as calculate the distances between the 2.

For the GPS info, you’ll need to read and parse the EXIF data. MBS has a function to read in the EXIF data in JPEG files, and generic tag reader functions for TIFF files. I’ve got an EXIF parser I’m making for a new project, though I’m not sure about when or if I’m sharing it. If I do, it will be part of Studio Stable Graphics. All source is in Xojo. Wading through specs and explanations of the spec and getting a good EXIF parser up and going is an advanced project.

Once you have the GPS data, then you need a GIS database. Sounds like you want street level information. Google Maps API is easiest to deal with, but they have some conditions of use that you should understand before getting dependent on them. One is that except for mobile apps sold in app stores, you can’t charge for access to features powered by Google Maps API.

The code is kind of old by now, but for EXIF parsing and some other functionality you can download Image Info for RB which was written several years ago by David Lloyd at Kanzu Software. It seems he’s since moved on to other pursuits, but he offers the classes for download at: the old home page for Kanzu. Here is the direct link to a zip file containing the classes.

I haven’t had occasion to use them in Xojo, but they worked well in REALBasic and REAL Studio. They’d be worth a shot in Xojo, I’m guessing.

Thanks for trying to help guys, much appreciated, but this is not what I want to try and achieve.

I’m a flight sim addict, amongst other things :slight_smile: and I was hoping I could develop a simple app for the mac that would allow me to track the movement of my sim plane in real rime on a moving map, as well as help me create flight plans.

I have found a bit of information on doing this in other languages (C++) and as much as I understand some of it, the nitty gritty stuff is throwing me. I was hoping there might be a control/plugin I could use.

I did find a simple math formula that converts latitude/longitude to x/y pixels, but it’s not 100% accurate, I guess that is because it was simple lol.

I did find that the Monkeybread plugins use the CLLocation SDK but can’t see if this would allow me to drop a map under it and use it without using the GPS side of things, I kind of hope it will do the job but need to read a bit more to see.