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Hi All-

I’m dealing with a program that takes statistics from a repository of images. I’m getting the images off of an SD Card (most likely) and the card could have anywhere form 10 to 1000’s of images. At times it’s important for the user to browse the images and remove undesirable images. Does anyone have any hints or tips about processing large number of images in some sort of grid?

Ideally I’d like to provide a thumbnail large enough to be able to make a Yes/No decision on the image but with the option of blowing the image up if necessary. So I’m thinking a grid of semi-large images that could be double clicked to enlarge, and a checkbox indicating Keep or Trash. How would you all go about displaying a LARGE number of images in that situation? I know Xojo probably has 2 or 3 ways to do the same thing but since I’ve not dealt with any more than just 1 image at time I thought it best to consult the brain trust. Thanks in advance for the help!


EDIT: Sorry if it wasn’t clear but my concern is how to best display a large number of images and still have the program be fast and responsive. I can display a grid of thumbnails easily enough but was hoping for something more slick than a paginating grid.

A paginating grid is slick.

You could kick off a thread to make thumbnails in the background while people are looking at the first page.
(I guess thats what Windows does with the thumbnail file it saves in folders of images)

Search the forum for thumbnail?

Ya, I have a thumbnail class that I like pretty good for displaying individual images, should work fine for this.

By slick, I guess I meant in its display. I was hoping for something a little better than a Page 1 of X and a browsing control. Or at least a little more modern. Even Windows lets you browse them with a scroll bar as you’re going through a folder. I was thinking of something along those lines, but knowing that to load up 5k images would be a big drain on resources. I suppose a thread pre-loading the next set of images is the natural way to go about it…

Someone posted a “carousel” based control a while back…

Ah- a keyword I hadn’t thought about looking for. I’ll search for it. Thanks.

The carousel control Mike and I were toying with for Richard:

If your application is macOS specific and you have access to Monkeybread plugins, then I’d recommend using an IKImageBrowserView

I don’t know if you will be able to implement your checkbox method for selecting files for mass deletion, but you can certainly write code to delete the file(s) that you currently have selected.

That control is very fast and allows you to view large previews of the files directly in QuickLook.

Thanks, Tim. I’m looking at the carousel control now.

Jared- unfortunately the app is actually Windows only for the moment.

Hi Ben,

You might be interested in my Thumbnail Viewer.

The demo project includes a function to load thumbnails and it can be accelerated with the MBS Jpeg plugins.

And here is the documentation: