Image in Project Editor

Hi! I’ve been working with Xojo since release 2016r2.1 and when i add pictures to a project via the project editor, it creates an item with an inspector containing the name and options for mask and transparency. This is extremely useful and simple when you want to remove the white background from an image on Paint. But this has come to an end apparently, as with release 2017r1 and 2017r1.1, when you add images to the project editor, it adds the Image item from the Library, which has no transparency setting and messes up the scaling of the image… now on to my 2 questions.

Is there any way to revert back to the old way with the Transparency drop down menu?
Is there another way to add .png pictures to my project and to have the transparency?

I’ve tried alphachannels but with no success, I’m probably doing it wrong, any help is greatly appreciated!

With thanks and regards
A Canadian Programmer

If you hold down Option (on Mac) it will drag the picture in as a Picture rather than create an Image Set.

Thank you so much!! It works! Also it is Ctrl+Alt on windows.

Or turn off SupportsHiDPI and everything will then come in as Pictures