Image acquisition on linux (Video4linux?)

Hi, I’m looking for solutions to work with image and video capture from usb cameras, manage live streams, etc.

On windows I solved with DirectShowMBS. I’m looking for something similar for linux: are there any third party plugins?

or does anyone have completely different solutions to suggest?

Did you check the MBS linux or cameras plugin?
An alternative could be using the HTMLViewer and ope the stream url?


yes, I have MBS Linux plugin. it has only a limited set for Raspberry camera.
Cameras plugin is only for Canon or Nikon.

I don’t know the opportunity to use stream url in HTMLViewer. I have to search for it.
Thank you!

Thanks OJAN.
Yes, using command line can be an idea. Yesterday I analized v4l2-ctl
But perhaps I could have several limitations.
I think they are similiar.

I have no idea how to do that…

Depending on your needs maybe OBS Studio has what you want.

thanks for your interest, but maybe I couldn’t explain myself well. Obviously I need to have a live stream “inside” my xojo app, not in external software.

in this moment, the only valid solution for me is create an external app to do only the images and videos acquisition (Gambas?). This need an overhead of informations transfer , from my xojo app to my external app and from the external app to my xojo app :pensive: