Image (,32 or with Alpha channel) under Mojave

I just booted on Mojave and used a in house application to resize images.

Works fine excepted there is a Windows XP developer who works in the image group at Apple: when I set the Alpha Channel to ON (*), instead of getting transparency, I get black (where I get transparency on El Capitan (and following).

Nota: the used application is a bit complex / I am a bit in a hurry: I do not know how I set the transparency (some images are initialized with the ,32 parameter, some don’t; in New Picture()).

Not an impossible task and I already have to remanufacture that project to use a single window instead of 3 (one for each major OS).
And I seem to recall another bug somewhere (I hope I took notes for that bug).

For Mojave I had to go through and remove all instances of ,32 to get a reliable system.
With ,32 I get black instead of transparency.
Without it, the picture is transparent except where I paint

Hi Jeff,

that is exactly where I am now. I reported a “bug” with Picture1.Transparent = 1 minutes ago (not flagged at compile time and that issue an UnsupportedOperationException when the code run that line.

I forgot the real conditions, but I get that effect (black instead of transparent) with Windows XP.

Now, I will remove these lines and continue my code testings (on El Capitan, then Mojave); “With a Little Luck” I will be able to remove one of two bugs and only the Lord knows what I can do after that.