iMac Random Shutdowns

Anyone else experiene this.
my 2012 27" iMac has started random shutdowns ever few hours, and requires it to be unplugged , wait 5 minutes, plugged in, and then SOMETIMES it will restart

I hate to tell you, but that sounds like a power supply problem, but start simple and try a different outlet or switch out the power strip.

yeah done all those things so far…
Found a topic on the Apple support site with 180,000 views and 500+ posts describing EXACTLY what I am experiencing…

FROM 2010!

Apple telephone support is a joke… their solution. reformat your hard drive and reinstall the OS…
Luckily (I hope), is the fact that Apple Care has it covered untl March 2016

Once upon a time I had a client who bought a brand new laptop that was experiencing something similar to that. Apple wouldn’t talk to me until I reformatted and reinstalled the system software from scratch, but I’ll be darned if that didn’t do the trick. I had never seen that before or since.

Hm…been a Mac user since 1986 and have never seen this issue. I think I’ve called Apple once in all that time.

It sounds more like a hardware issue but it could be software. I’d start with a clean install but if you have Apple Care on it I’d take it in and let experts look at it.

Sounds like a power management issue of some kind. Unplugging it like that is actually resetting the SMC which usually fixes these kinds of issues but in this case it obviously isn’t, so it could well be hardware.

Is there anything in the logs?

You could also give Apple Diagnostics a whirl but it probably won’t find anything in your case, as it’s intermittent.

I poured over the logs looking for a common issue… but all the entries just prior to the one the said i Rebooted were somewhat random items.

the two things the seems most often were related to XPC events, and Chrome
So for now I have gone back to Safari

it can also be a graphic card problem. go to an apple service center to confirm.

Or try resetting the PRAM memory. I think that is rebooting while holding Command-Option-R-P. Might need to lookup that combination though. If you get it right, the machine will reboot twice.

Do be sure you have a current backup!

Discovered… AND fixed the problem :slight_smile:
Turns out it was a defective surge protector…
The iMac was built well enough to protect itself by shutting down, and when I reset everything it would restart for a while.
And when the surge protector went belly up… it took out the external drive unit which obviously was NOT built well enough (unless there are fuses that I cannot find).

So… I replaced the surge protector… and the iMac has been humming along for the last 36 hours without fail
I just moved each drive into a USB cradle and sucked the data off of them onto a 3rd back up, which I will use to rebuild a new external drive, which I am hoping arrives later today.

I do believe Kem’s response two days ago advised trying a different power strip :wink:

Yup, he did, as did another friend of mine… :slight_smile:
So start with the simple and cheap potential solutions, before doing like the Apple “Genius” suggest and reformat your hard disk and reinstall everything… The bad thing is , those folks that are just “users” would not know any better, would waste time (and perhaps money) having someone do all that for them, and be in the same boat as when they started. In some situatons , your average tech support help desk (and I’m not just picking on Apple here) does more harm than good. Heck the Help Desk for the company I work for has suggested this same course of action, when all it took was to delete a corrupt INI or CFG file, not the whole system

I always asked my clients (especially my long-term ones) why they didn’t contact me before calling tech support. Invariably they were trying to save money (even though I never charged for quick phone calls or e-mails) and just as invariably, it ended up costing them much more.

My favorites were conversations that included, “I have a friend who said he could do this…” :slight_smile:

WELLL>… perhaps I spoke too soon… new power protector… 4 hours later… it has shut down 3 more times :frowning:

Be sure to replace the power cord too, but when that fails too, it’s most likely the power supply.

I provide fonts for teachers. As educated as they are, some truly have no idea about computing. Yesterday, one was not able to install the fonts throwing the zip file into the Fonts folder (go figure). So she went for help to a “tech savvy teacher” who concluded the zip file was meant for 64 bit and not compatible with their 32 bit Windows :stuck_out_tongue:

No wonder why I no longer provide phone tech support…

Teachers don’t need to be computer savvy to be good teachers
I can almost guarantee my sister, a retired teacher, would be calling me to figure out how to install the fonts

I think his point was not about the teacher but the “tech savvy” friend.

I dont think so

Both are teachers