iMac Pro for Christmas?

I have asked my wife to consider getting me an iMac Pro for Christmas (not a Mac Pro) to supplement my ageing Xojo laptop — I know it isn’t yet released/priced/available.

Given its specs are quite high, is it likely to have any affect on the Xojo compiling and usage side of my life? Or is all that power a waste from a Xojo perspective?

I hear the iMac Pro can bend space and time to compile your apps before you write them.

On the off chance that rumor was wrong…

The Xojo LLVM compiler (used for 64-bit and Pi) will use as many cores as you can throw at it. Super-fast SSD are sure to help as well.

Realistically, for Xojo development I’d have a hard time justifying an iMac Pro over a fully spec-ed standard iMac that would probably be $2000 less. Let me check…

OK, fully spec’d iMac with 4.2Ghz, 4-core i7, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Radeon Pro 580 with 8GB comes to $3700 (US).

iMac Pro with 8-core Xeon of some kind (Ghz not known), 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Radeon Pro Vega 56 with 8GB is supposed to be $5000 (US).

So for your extra $1300 (which would be even more if you do the iMac RAM upgrade yourself) you’d get:

  • Xeon with 8 cores and ECC RAM
  • Super-cool black color – priceless
  • Better graphics card, although probably not all that useful to Xojo
  • Unknown heat and noise levels

I’m eager to see the iMac Pro but there’s no way I’d purchase it sight unseen. And personally I’d like to first be able to compare it to the mystery Mac Pro that may arrive next year.

Edit: Updated to add Xeon core count

• Plus you get the extra 4 cores (minimum 8 versus 4).

Thanks Paul. I wish to avoid the Mac Pro (not iMac Pro) since the cost is likely to be astronomically high since I also need to include a new USB-C screen. I Xojo all day, so faster 64-bit compiles will be of great benefit.

FWIW, I have one of the iMacs released in summer 2017. It’s pretty well-specced, including SSD, although not maxed out. It’s the 27" 5K iMac and I do all my Xojo coding on it.

I couldn’t go back now, not to the 24" external monitor I was using previously, nor to a non-retina large screen in general. It’s really awesome for coding on, especially with my hard-worked eyes. I haven’t benchmarked it and I’m only really comparing to my old MacBook Pro (original retina), but compile times and usage are “awesome”.

The iMac Pro will be even faster but would the speed difference be worth it? I agree that the color is priceless though!

Just FYI, I purchased a used 2010 Mac Pro last month with 12 Core 2.66GHz for just shy of $800 and then purchased two matched 3.46GHz CPUs and replaced them (which I’ll never do again BTW) for about $150. Even with only 24GB of RAM, it’s a kickin’ machine for doing compiles, but with newer chips it supports 128GB.

I was kicking around the idea of doing this with my 2010 2.66Ghz Mac Pro. Was the CPU swap painful?

It took three tries to get it right and almost fried one of the chips the first time because there wasn’t enough thermal grease apparently (even though I followed Apple’s instructions). You’ve got to be very careful because the heatsinks are fragile, and require an 8" 3mm hex driver to connect/disconnect.

I should also point out that the CPU swap brought about a 20% speed increase.

I’ve done this on my single-CPU Mac Pro and didn’t have any trouble.

My write-up is here: Upgrading the CPU in a 2009 Mac Pro

The cost is a mystery at this point. Even it if does cost more that can be greatly offset by having a much longer lifespan than an non-upgradable all-in-one.

I’m still rocking a 2009 Mac Pro that I got in 2010. It’s now up to 6 cores, 32GB RAM and lots of SSDs all of which were not available or astronomically expensive 7 years ago. There is no 2009 iMac that would still be as useful today.

If you’re desperate for a computer, get something now. Otherwise, I suggest waiting to see what Apple’s plans for the Mac Pro are. They’ve told us something is happening, but we don’t know what yet. Right now, I see the iMac Pro as just an updated Mac Pro with a built-in screen. It still has the same lack of expansion options that the Mac Pro has. I think it smart to wait and see what the Mac Pro’s future holds before deciding on a high-end machine.

Thanks Paul, I’ll give that a read and I think I’ll give it a shot.

Personally, I’m waiting on the macMini Nano Air X

isn’t that the one that will be in the New “Apple Glasses”… no keyboard… responds to eye-movement… that is a TRUE “Retina” screen :slight_smile:

[quote=357915:@David Cox]iMac Pro for Christmas?[/quote]Have you been a good boy?

You may be able to sell the black keyboard & mouse on eBay and get a lot of money back.

I’d love to have those.

or perhaps a Retina burning screen…

Oh y’all mean the eyePhone (this episode was on last night lol)

Of course Santa! I may only get coal in my stocking, but we can at least dream, can’t we?

iMac Pro is available for ordering on Dec 14. No idea if it will ship in time for Christmas, though.

Here’s a review:

Video first look: