I'm not sure where to look in documentation for the answer

Hi there.

I would like to add, or minimize, depending on how you look at it, an indicator in the mac menu bar (as shown below)


I’ve looked under menus, etc. but am not sure what xojo would call this area, and where i would look in the docs.

Can anyone point me where I need to read???


I think you are talking about NSStatusItem

I know MBS has a plugin for that.

Maybe you can find also examples in the macoslib repo on Github

Just adding that there’s no built-in Xojo way for the NSStatusItem (I mean, without plugins).

as it seems to work with macoslib (I just tested it) you can deal with declares only.

Right. My copy of MacOS lib is more than 15 years old and I was not aware there were still updates.