I'm having problem with Filezilla


I used to use FileZilla, all of the time, but after a hard drive swap, and a Mac OS X 10.11 upgrade, I can’t log on to Xojo’s Cloud. I don’t remember having a problem before.

For my username, I am using the same username I use to log into my Xojo account.
For my password, I am using the same password that I use to log into my Xojo account.
I have tried using both my URL and IP address, with the sftp:// prefix.
I am using port 22.

I am getting the following errors:
Error: Authentication failed.
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

I know I am doing something stupid. Any ideas?


Hi Stuart - sounds like the password is the problem. You need to sign in with the user name and password that you are given when you enable SFTP in the Xojo Cloud control panel. To get new passwords you can switch it off and back on.

Jason, per usual, you are a genius!