IIS 10 in Windows 10

I am trying to setup a folder and rewrite rules for my xojo app that runs on port 8080.

At the moment it all works on https://dscservices.net/ and http://dscservices.net/

However it seems to crash when I use a rewrite rule for a site under the main site i.e /roster

Can anyone shed some light thanks.

Darren, did you get this working?

No!! Not yet, got Microsoft working on it.

What crash are you getting? This?

If so, then thats a Xojo error (you or I will have to put that into feedback), I got that too, so I tried it using Aloe which is essentially just a tcp listener (as I didn’t want to have to search around for another app to plonk on the end of the reverse proxy for a quick test).

I just got it working using the following settings:

which routed: and to the tcp listener sitting on port 8080.

It also worked on a local lan ip from another machine! Nice

Thanks for that Julian.

Yes that works, as it would be using absolute paths, instead of relative paths.

My question if anyone can advise, Is there a way in Xojo web apps to tell it to use Absolute paths?

i.e. when it loads up /framework/framework.js

That will probably need to be a feature request in feedback as you can’t rewrite /framework/framework.js to tilde]/framework.js because the output of xojo is gzipped.

Thanks for your reply. I have posted a feature request, lets see what happens.

Just for the record, here is the <https://xojo.com/issue/51156>