iHUD anyone?


I’ve got a utility I’ve been developing/playing with for watching the Olympics while working. I didn’t think anyone else would be interested but something Brad said yesterday got me thinking maybe other people would want a copy.

Basically, I can watch a movie or a webpage in a HUD type display and set the transparency/size of the window, the iHUD doesn’t get in the way with what application I’m currently working on. It ‘overlays’ the screen your working on and you have complete control of what’s going on behind. I’ve been streaming the Olympics in mine. What in currently does.

  • Watch a movie
  • View a URL
  • No dock icon - icon on the menubar
  • Set the default transparency of an iHUD
  • Option to start automatically at logon
  • As you swap between desktops the iHud comes with you
  • Keyboard shortcut to enable/disable the iHUD controls
  • Boss Button. Hides the iHud and mutes the Audio by keyboard shortcut

Works for my needs at the moment - it’s a bit rough around the edges but is anyone interested in a copy? I can tart up the app a bit first, maybe add functionality going forward if there’s interest.

(OS X only I’m afraid!)


Doesn’t look as if you’re working on those bass riffs though… I know… off topic


Haven’t picked up the bass in a few months now - too much going on with other projects :frowning: