Ignore Them !!

Hi all,
Some users doesn’t play the game,
ask question, wait reply and doesn’t return a like, a thanks, or close the thread.
I invite to made like me, go on profile member and click on right button “Controls” and select “Ignore member”
Now we have more time for help the others !

Common courtesy is becoming less common :frowning:

Depending on the question asked, and other interaction with the user, I will sometimes post either in public or private a mild message reminding them that we are all volunteers and help them because we wish to do so, not due to any obligation, and that they should indicate an accepted answer, and have the courtesy to thank the person or persons involved. If this results in a response of “F* off”, THEN they go on the blacklist…

People should also try and post a solution to a question they ask, even if they themselves solved it. As this benefits future users who may have need to ask the same question.

A thanks and an acknowledgement was always something I was raised to do, simple courtesy and instinct. I would never even think to respond “F Off” over that being expected of me.

This reminds me of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Cheryl says “Larry, nobody knows your rules”. I try to remember not to have expectations when engaging the unknown. I do it because I’m curious, to see what my addition might foster. But if it’s ignored or answers or raises more issues or derails, that’s part of the fun. It’s a shot in the dark and I consider it my error if I expect something when I have no real reason to expect it.

In the recent Xojo Podcast with Michel Bujardet he said to the effect ‘there’s a joy in finding novel solutions’. That’s the way I approach it, this is for my own amusement and if nothing else comes of it I would have done it anyways.

Sometimes I start to respond and notice I’m not really interested, that I wouldn’t be doing this except for an imagined congratulations. Then I step away, my drive is deceiving me.

Alrighty. So who hurt whose feelings? Links to offending threads please.

I try to help when I think I can. I see that as giving back to the community for the help I’m getting. Of course I’m not always correct but I’m trying. A thank you is nice but that doesn’t always happen and that’s ok.

I find it more rude when your solution is just plain ignored. Not even an acknowledgment that it worked (or not). Or when the thread continues asking the same thing you answered already. Or it’s waived away with some one liner as if you’re stupid.

Some forum members seem incapable of learning. I simply ignore threads of these people after a while.

“Ignore member” I only do for those very rude people like Brad H. who needed to offend everyone.

Curtesy is nice but it isn’t required.

I don’t see why such a topic would be needed. The forum is community based, not commercial and most helpful.
I’d never require someone to answer in a free world, where they share their spare time to help eachother.

For the most part i welcome the help from the Xojo crew and everyone else who is giving time to support without asking funds.

My opinion as noob in xojo.
Forum is community and is logical to have a lot members when the time pass.
As community will have members with bad behavior and good,but most of them i think is on the good side and if you check the forum is about 14k registered members,but from all them and from the time i have register in xojo the answers (help) come from a small part of members.
I will like to give a answer to post and flagged as answer,but there is so many advance users than me and most of them have the right answer to solve the problem(question) and still after the solution there is no flag with answer,or a like or thank you.This is the bad side.
At last a thank you or like is something as acknowledgement for the member who try to help,even if the answer is wrong will be nice.
I respect the member who post something in my question,and the reason is because i am not in the ignore list for him.

Of course, you have no idea if they even saw your answer. Maybe they previously set you to be ‘ignored’…

Hello? Anybody reading this? Hello?

I got it David.

After some rest, I went to the conclusion the problem was taken from the wrong angle.

The good question (if not the correct question) have to be:

Why do we help each others ?

For me, the answer is: I like to help.

Then ?

I do not await any “Thank You” at all. Of course, I love to read them, but when there is none, I close the Tab and read the next one.

The only thing I strongly dislike is wrong or misleading answers (on purpose or not).

[quote=263586:@Emile Schwarz]
The only thing I strongly dislike is wrong or misleading answers (on purpose or not).[/quote]
While we all like getting good answers to our questions, even the wrong ones don’t bother me. In fact, several years ago (back in the REALBasic forums) I received a response to a question that was so far off the mark that the responder either misread or misunderstood the question. Yet, that response pointed out a tip that was so good, if not applicable to the specific problem, that I still include it in my UtilityMethods module and wind up using it in almost every application I write.

There is potential value in even incorrect answers. If nothing else, it successfully eliminates a non-workable path.

Dale: you got a valid point here.

That recalls me an answer I’ve done recently while I do not understand the purpose of the op; it happens that I loved the op idea when I understand it ! Amazing.

Even if you consider an answer wrong, though, you should be nice enough to thank the contributor. Ignoring entirely a post another member took the time to write to help you is downright rude.

I agree, Michel, and that is why I try to always do so. That’s not to say I don’t miss occasionally and that is also why I don’t take it amiss if someone I reply to doesn’t give a thank you. So, a thank you or not, unless someone is abusive I won’t ignore them or block them; their next question may lead me to a better solution for a problem I have/had/will have.

I do agree, though, that common courtesy, like common sense, seems like a dying trait.

I’m curious: what was the tip?


thats not a tip worthy of note unless the bill was $5 or less :stuck_out_tongue: