"Iffy" networks

I have a web app the is is running in XC. There are 30 users across 4 locations that consistently use the application. One of the locations cnnsistlenty reports problems in response from the web app. Things hang they have to refresh a lot. This has been popping up for a few months now. Always users from that location. Never from any of the other locations or from where I am.

Rather than simply point to Comcast and say "there is something wrong with the connection form that location. (As Comcast tech supports M/O is to deny anything )

Does anyone know of a piece of diagnostic software that I can run at that locations than will log things like connection speed and dropped packets?

I’m not sure what to recommend are far as software tools except the ping command on the command line.

Specifically, what I would do is have a user open a terminal window and start pinging your site every second (the default on OSX). Then have them use the site normally. When they see a problem, have them look at the recent ping results and save/cut-paste them and send them to you.

If you have access to the location, sign into a system on the network and setup the ping yourself.

I suspect you’ll be seeing either dropped pings OR long latency. Both can cause your site/app to appear to be very unresponsive.

Then you’ll have something to talk to the ISP about. We have had some such problems and Comcast (business) actually was helpful diagnosing and improving them - I was surprised.

Not sure if XC responds to Ping. Tracert may help. You could also create a small app that makes an HTTPSocket request to your cloud server and use that to measure response from various locations. If that one location is truly an outlier, it will stand out in repeated tests. Of course, that still doesn’t tell you where the problem is. There are many routers between your users and XC.

Wireshark comes to mind. It can monitor many different protocols and is available on several platforms. Not crtain that it can be used for performance onitoring, more security monitoring. Perhaps worth a look.

Good point Tim,

@Jay - If you do a trace route to your server’s IP and then try pinging the router just before your server you may get a good ping response from that. Testing the pings yourself is a good place to start of course.

If the client is running windows then “PathPing” may help.


We’ve had consistent issues with people using satellite internet. I believe Xojo web apps have an “always on” requirement that you just can’t get out of the satellite internet connection.

Other than that I’ve not had issues with normal connections and I’ve got people all over the world hitting my training app.

I don’t suggest pinging your servers for very long either. Depending on the speed, the server may think it’s being attacked and lock the user out for a while.

Did this issue ever get resolved? I have been having similar issues.

In my case, one thing that some people with problems have in common is that the ISP is AT&T U-verse.

I concur with Bob; satellite internet won’t work very well in some cases because the upload speed is too slow. Anything with a big asymmetry between up and down might have problems.

Related to this, I think there is a problem with using WebCanvas on poor connections.

If you figure out a good way to troubleshoot issues like this, please share. I used NetBalancer but still can’t replicate errors found by others even when dialing in a big asymmetry. Very frustrating.

I have not found a tool. But I have been able to create very telling problems/simulations using Network Link Conditioner form Apple.

I wonder if here is a way in Xojo to check the latency/jitter/speed/dropped packets from the users browser to my Xojo Cloud server.

Not really. The best we can do is detect dropped connections.

Not sure it helps, but Chrome DevTools are awesome.

You might also have a look at some of the tools at DSL Reports - particularly “Line Monitoring,” for which you sign up and pay a very small amount to have them monitor a given ip address, and then compile a report.

Hi their is a program called VisualRoute it gives you 15 day trial but you can trace down any network problem
and if it is comcast and you show the the readout they can not argue with you.
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