If you’re traveling this holiday season, a note about RFID...

I was just reading this article and thought others might be interested:


as someone that travels more than he wishes some days, I can agree with the article. I have a RFID-blocking passport wallet for the passport and a HuMn (thats the name) RFID blocking mini wallet. I place my hotel keys in either of those two until I get to the door of my room. There have been RFID scanners placed in hallways or in elevators of hotels as people tend to get their keys out early and those are easy places to scan for them.

also the “free charge” stations have had RFID scanners/readers built into them so they can scan you when you go to charge your phone/tablet. Especially in places like airports or train stations.

we all need to take a little extra caution these days.

I don’t travel much, so thank you Greg for the article and Scott for your comments.

Some hotels need the room key to activate the elevator, that’s a big problem if a RFID scanner is there.

you can only do so much. if the elevator requires you to present your key, then you have to. in those cases, I always pull it out, swipe the elevator then immediate put it back in the RFID blocking wallet.

All this cool handy tech and a real key might be safer :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a chunk of tin foil to wrap your cards in (which does work FWIW)