If you need help …

If you are stuck and need help then there are ways to

  • get effective help
  • get slow help
  • not get any help
  • make people give up helping you … at all

If you want effective help:

  • a good description of the problem is essential
  • but if you want effective help and not just some guesses, then make a sample project showing the issue you have.
  • Don’t expect others to do either for you - people rightly conclude that if you can’t put in the effort then why should they (and no, even if it just takes 5 min to make a listbox with some sample data and a few buttons and checkboxes, if 12 people look at the problem you are wasting an hour of their life-time)
  • without a good description, example project, and well documented code you might wait a LONG time before someone is willing to tackle YOUR problem
  • when you make an example project people also see your code and don’t have to ask for it repeatedly (wasting more time which given that many live in different time zones can really add up)
  • often the example project works but your project doesn’t, so it helps you finding the error yourself
  • sometimes a problem is restricted to an operating system or system version - the more people you get to look the faster the problem is found, so make it easy for them to look!

Anything I forgot feel free to add …


TLDR #11;

  1. Re-read your question before you click Reply, to make sure it makes sense
  2. Place it under the correct category (eg Web, iOS) so we don’t have to make assumptions
  3. If you are NOT using the latest Xojo or plugin version, tell us what version you are using
  4. Please tell us that you have already searched the forums for the answer, and link to helpful articles
  5. Please spell-check your answer, especially the hearing, to help others when they do a search
  6. Don’t insult those giving you an answer, even it they are wrong
  7. If someone gives you an answer, then try it. Don’t jump to the bottom of the list and complain it is not solved.
  8. Be temperate in the frequency you ‘@’ Xojo staff members. I would find it annoying if it happened too often.
  9. Consider the forum as a meeting of friends on the same team, and not competitors
  10. If there is an answer that encapsulates your problem perfectly, mark it as the Solution. Never mark YOUR response as the solution, unless you really have solved it yourself
  11. Be kind to others, love covers a multitude of sins!
  1. If you find a solution on your own, post your solution.

A screen shot may help…

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HeaDing? :slight_smile:

  1. Apologies when you are a hypocrite. Sorry!