if you have 5 mins to help a friend...?

please go to the contest page : http://www.keysight.com/main/editorial.jspx?cc=US&lc=eng&ckey=2677452&nid=-32546.0.00&id=2677452

and see the video presenting people wanting to win a very high end oscilloscope Keysight 6000X
My friend “Carlos A.” is currently at the 3rd place and he needs facebook votes to get a better place ?

you can also view the other contestants and vote for the one you prefer, but IMHO Carlos is the best person that will use correctly such a beast.
the other contestants need a new scope, but not such a high end one ( I even wouldnt need such a scope and have better use than most of the participants…)

you need a facebook account to enter the vote, and you can vote 3 times per day until 15th april end of the contest
thanks for your time, and for you help if you enter the vote.