If you develop apps for Apple's platforms

You need to be listing your application on https://indiecatalog.app/

Yes, the site is small, but the creator behind it wants to truly help indie developers. One thing they do, which Apple refuses to do, is to list new apps and updated apps chronologically, allowing customers to see what’s new.

As an industry, we need something like this, the App Store is being used to stifle indie developers in favor of the big guys and scammers.

We are the people who bring innovation to the tech industry as we’re more willing to try new things or push the boundaries of development tools and OSes.

If we can help make Indie App Catalog a success, we will help each other out. Whereas we helped the App Store become a success, and the billionaire adjusted it so we’d lose out.


Sounds good, but I requires users or it won’t gain traction. 99% of users will just open the app store.

The search in the AppStore is bad. But the search for indiecatalog is ridiculous:

Find my Parcels, really???

Once the parcel is found, it eMails you ! :wink:

Yes indeed, so the more people who post their apps there will help. I also get what you’re saying about the App Store, but I think on the Mac that number is much lower. I often hear about how people don’t bother it with, because it promotes the same apps most of the time.

Please contact https://twitter.com/nemecek_f Filip as he’s working hard to help us and the indie developer scene.

Nice idea, but its for english apps only (“IndieAppsCatalog uses the US version of API to pull the info about apps so they need to be available there”)…

Please contact https://twitter.com/nemecek_f Filip and let him know, maybe he’s working on an update for other stores?

I discovered that my apps were already there :slight_smile:

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