if any calendar free

Hi i need a Calendar like popup for Web (Free Class )

Try this one I found on the old forums :slight_smile:

thanks perfect

but no works on RealStudio.

all my projects are on RS i am testing XOJO and UpDate my Lic but i do’t now how close Xojo to RS Stable.

if the are 100% Stable compare from RS To Xojo y start to Move.

Is some one can review this for me

i am DeskTop programer i am learning on Web I have not much experience on Web .

I was doing something wrong forgive me now it works in RS

Great :slight_smile:

Here is another one, just in case :slight_smile:

3rd Page of Free Examples


You will find two different calendar / date pickers here (one in US date format, one in international date format : . I have tried one myself with success. There are also a few other goodies on this site.

You can also use the jquery picker. Try searching the forum for info on how to set it up.

[quote=41573:@Eugene Dakin]Here is another one, just in case :slight_smile:

3rd Page of Free Examples[/quote]

Eugene, congrats! You made a very clean an handy website, just the way i like it!