IE is messing MouseEvent.Button value in WebLabel.MouseUp() event

It looks like IE is not returning the right values for Details.Button in a WebLabel.MouseUp() [ or .MouseDown() ].
When clicking with the left button, it returns 0 ( should be 1 ) and the wheel button returns 1 ( should be 3 ). The right button returns 3.
I found a report about this in <> but it’s marked as ‘Fixed’ since 2012.
Should I reopen it or open a brand new one?

Make a new one.

Done: <>.

Would it not be a similar issue that messes up selection in a WebListBox when right click is used ?

If you refer to the other issue I described here, I’d say no since it’s only IE that returns the wrong button value and it does not affect the right button which always return the correct value. Besides, I’m having the selection issue with the right click on every platform I tested so far.