IdxField, StringValue and Linux

Hi everybody,
I’m populating a listbox with some strings and numbers, some of which are doubles (they are values in Euro).
When it comes to use the rather classic command

ListBox1.Cell(Listbox1.LastIndex, 1)=RecordSet1.IdxField(i).StringValue

to load the cell, under Linux Mint 18 it returns the integer part of a float and not the decimals if we are dealing with doubles in the database.
Everything works perfectly under Mac or Win7; the problem appears only under Linux.
What am I doing wrong? Am I missing some libraries?

You need to use .DoubleValue, not .StringValue. Then use Str() or Format() to convert that to a string for the listbox.

you can also try CurrencyValue if these are stored as Money type (postgres ?)

Ciao Riccardo,

I tried to replicate your issue and I created a feedback about it: <>

Exist a workaround. select your data using a prepared statement. In this case you will get the right results