IDECommunicator still broken, despite supposed fix

See this report: <>

I just tried it with 2016r1.1. I still see the same issue - Error 103 after the first successful run.

What happened? Did you forget to include the fix in the 1.1 release??

What upsets me most is that I had prepared a cool demo for the Xojo conference in Koblenz next week. It relied on this being fixed. Sigh.

Just because it’s fixed and verified doesn’t mean it actually made it into R1.1. It might simply be an R2 fix. It’s one of the drawbacks to the Feedback system. It doesn’t tell us which version it was fixed in.

I use AppleScript which doesn’t fail


on run {script_contents} tell application "Xojo 16r1" «event RBaescpt» script_contents end tell end run

sendIDEScript("Print ""Hi""")

And it would be sooo easy to fix that drawback … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, it doesn’t do what I need: That the “print” command returns the text to the caller (i.e. the script) instead of showing it in a dialog. I need an efficient two-way communication with the IDE. I can solve this with writing files, but that’s awful.

Well, it does tell you. Once a fix has been verified by the testing team that satisfies the case, the version does appear on the case… But users treat this the same way they treat roadmap info… As a promise of when it will be fixed. Sometimes fixes get pulled for one reason or another, but users think that because a fix appeared on a case at one point in time that the status is set in stone for all time. So we don’t do that any more.

That said, we’ve tried several names for this status in the past and so far none of them truly represent the state.

You’ll notice that the case status is a link now though…, the link will show a tooltip with an explanation if you hover over it, and if you click It you can request status changes.