Idea RE: Monetization w Google ads

Was thinking about this conundrum bc peeps just don’t wanna pay and I think I figured it out.

What if WebApps were inserted into a Frameset on a page that would create a “license key” that would be created and checked for to ensure that the ads page was what was being accessed to show the WebApp content?

Trying to figure out how to add in a monetization for my planned WebApp.


Hello Amy! I’m not sure if Google’s Adsense policy would allow that–they require publishers to be open/transparent–essentially creating content and then subsidizing your blog, website, or web app with paying ad content. Generally they don’t allow Adsense for websites requiring users to supply a login in order to access the content, etc… Be sure to double check their current ad policies.

You might be better off creating a blog about programming then adding the display ads in certain spots of your website.

Overall, the best performing display ad size is 360px by 240px–a fairly large block–but that’s what most advertisers like to use. Lately responsive ads are very popular.

When you name your ad slots–you’ll want to use the following examples:

Ad1_width_height_ROS -where ROS stands for Run Of Site-this ad will appear all over your website–every page.

Ad2_width_height_ATF -where ATF stands for Above The Fold-this ad appears without the user having to scroll further down the website.

Ad3_width_height_BTF -where BTF stands for Below The Fold-this ad appears on the bottom viewable area of the webpage-things like the footer area of your website.

By naming your ads with these abbreviations, advertisers will have a better idea of where the ads are placed. You will earn a higher revenue amount as certain advertisers will bid higher to get a better display ad position.