IDE zoom controls and iOS

Zooming in and out in the layout editor is now pretty much vital for iOS projects, with their very large resolutions. It’s hard to layout an iPad app, even on a good size monitor, and it’s next to impossible on a laptop of any size. Three zoom levels would be much appreciated, maybe 50%, 75% and 100%.

I realize that a revamp of the IDE was discussed at XDC 2015, but if there was something we could do in the meantime, it would make things a lot more comfortable.

Please throw some points at <> if you agree.

This finally bit me. Glad to see there’s a case for this (not so glad that it’s been there since 2011).

Coding for an iPad on a MacBook Air is a pain. It’s physically impossible to fit the “screen” onscreen.

I even tried coding for an original iPhone but even that isn’t 4:3 (and the problem is the opposite: it’s too small and can’t be zoomed in).

Considering the visual editor is only a layout designer not being able to zoom in or out shouldn’t be a problem for the most part (it may be if the IDE draws native controls but I’d be surprised if this was a problem)