IDE Woes

I’m having a problem with copying and pasting within the IDE. I have a TabPanel with five tabs. Two of the tabs have a PagePanel embedded in them and each page of the page panel has a group box which contains controls. The other three tabs have group boxes with controls in them. I need to copy the entire TabPanel and everything in it and paste it a couple of times. Then problem is that when I paste the copied TabPanel it scrambles the PagePanels and the group boxes within the PagePanels. In other words, both PagePanels end up in the last tab (neither was in that tab to begin with) and the group boxes end up in random tabs that either didn’t contain a group box or had a different group box. The only thing that seems to stay static after the paste are the controls within the group boxes.

Am I doing something wrong? I do this in VS2013 and it works fine.

Also, while I’m asking, is there any way to have Xojo IDE auto case keywords ? For example, if I type “if a=b then” and have it automatically convert to “If a=b Then”?

Finally, is there any way to have the autocomplete feature narrow down the properties as I type? For example. If I type “button1.” and hit tab it shows all of the properties and methods for button1 but if I start typing “Ca” instead of narrowing down to only option that start with “Ca” it continues to display all options and doesn’t highlight anything so I can’t finish without typing out the entire property or grabbing the mouse to click what I want. That sort of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

I’m probably extremely spoiled by VS but I spend entirely too much time moving between the keyboard and mouse. Anyone who has used an IDE that works the way I’ve described above will know what I mean. I realize the developers have a lot on their plates with x64 and new targets such as Raspberry Pi but I truly wish Xojo would dedicate one or two people to “fixing” the IDE, especially the first issue I’ve described.

FWIW, we tend to do a Container Control per tab in the tab control. It simplifies coding and eliminates much of the headache you’re describing.

One thing that works better for me is use the Contextual Menu (right click) Copy instead of the Keyboard shortcut. I also tend to paste into the pasteboard area, reselect the newly pasted controls, and THEN move it to the page panel or tab panel that I want.

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Hi Bob, I’ve heard you say this before so I’m starting a project where I do the same. Do you have a video on how you hook up the database? Do you have a database class that you use with each container control? Or does a simple method suffice? Probably an elementary issue once you get into it, but I’d like to find the canonical “clean” way of doing it before I muck around and realize that after I’d painted myself into a corner.

Well, we use ActiveRecord for most of our projects so that’s the abstract database class. It’s a class object so passing it around is very easy. Each ‘record’ knows how to Save, and Delete itself (except in Kansas where that’s apparently against the law - j/k).

Typically our windows and Containers have three starting methods Load, Save, Validate that do exactly what you would expect them to do. Because we like to use containers many of our windows/containers don’t have much more than that for methods.

We used ActiveRecord in the LinkShare web app series and in the Journal desktop series we added a video where we converted the normal database over to use ActiveRecord.

I used it in one project a while back. I’m a fan. You do great work.

I think I still have a subscription to your video service. I’ll see if my log-in still works. I started a new job so I took a brief hiatus from xojo’ing.

I’m in KS too. I get the joke.

Oh yeah, what part of KS?