IDE units

I know it may be a silly question but… which kind of unit the IDE ruler uses for positioning when you put a picture, specifically in a report?

Screenshot of Xojo (24-02-2023, 11-29-29)

I think it’s Pixels by default. But you can change it.

It’s whatever you have set the unit to, click on the background of the report or select the report root in the navigator and you will see the units.

However the ruler at the top and left always show inches.

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Thank, I missed that.

Another issue I remember is designing a report for A4 sheets in one OS (e.g Windows) and the same report getting messed on another platform. Like different margins set at printer level, and displaced contents running outside the page because Xojo reports don’t make the proper internal adjusts, like zoom out to fit (as far as I know the dev can’t detect and make it too). Someone confirms this behavior? Playing with Xojo reports were so unsatisfying when I tried to use it. Other report tools seem dead too (Shorts Report never got upgraded to API2, for example). Bernardo Monsalve’s DBReport website seems dead for years now too.