IDE Suggestion

I’d like to have a Tools menu probably just to the left of Help. It would not contain anything, but a developer could (probably via some XojoScript or a certain folder) add access to external applications that are used when working with Xojo.

Is this a good idea, or is the functionality already there and I’ve missed it?


Do you mean like Command-Tab? Perhaps you could explain your use case (not the desired feature, but what it helps you do) in more detail?

I’ve seen this in other IDEs. Just a quick access to launch external applications. It can be useful.

Sometimes, my Recent Application Sub-MenuItem disappears (low memory); this feature may be a good addition: click - select the application (or document) et voila…


For example, if I’m working on a web app and want to deploy it for testing (something that can happen several times a day), I could put the deployment tool (e.g. Lifeboat) in the Tools menu. Then, right from the IDE it’s available. One could even imagine a way of passing values to a tool so it could, for example, upload a newly built app.


Ah that could be useful! Thanks for explaining it to me :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you do that in the IDE Scripts on the File menu?

This might be useful as well: To add an option to the Xojo preferences “Warn before quitting”. If this option is selected, Xojo would display a message “Are you sure you want to quit?” Cancel/OK. This would be very useful if a user quits Xojo accidentally and then subsequent re-launching of Xojo takes longer (especially if there are a lot of plugins installed).

You might find an app like useful in the interim :slight_smile: