IDE Suggestion - Search

Hi Xojo,
Can we get an IDE search within folder? At this moment we have:
Search Global (full project search)
Search Item and subclasses
Seach Code (only one item sode)
Search Selection (Selected code within one item)

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You “better” use the Issue button (top of the forum) and add a feature request for this kind of demand. IMHO

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It is not an issue, but thanks anyway.

“Issues” is where you make feature requests, not here.


If you checked the documentation with the word Feature, you would get:

I said thank you. Why the aggression? Ego feeding? Did this topic hurt someone? Learn to be more polite to strangers.

I see nothing of this kind here. Only nice information.

English is not everyone’s first language here, sometimes things come across as rude when there was no intent. Pretty much everyone here is nice and helpful.

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Thank you.
So how do I delete this suggestion, or move it to issues as feauture?

Click the “Issues” button at the top of any forum page

And create a new issue. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to tag it as a feature request, so I guess just put "Feature Request - " in the Title field.